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Trunk Mains Leak Detection

Trunk mains leak detection is one of the most difficult aspects of leak finding for a water company.

We have 2 solutions for you

1) TM2 Trunk Mains Correlator.

This provides leakage engineers with the ideal tool for pipeline leak detection surveys.  Using the most advanced correlation functionality and filtering software available the TM2 can pinpoint water leaks with the sensors hundreds of meters apart.

The system is easy and quick to use and comes with accelerometers and hydrophones for the best possible results.

2) Hi Scan fixed Network

Hi Scan water leak detection system by Gutermann is a fixed newtork Trunk Mains leak detection system. Installed permanently the HiScan sensors monitor the network each night and alarm for any water leaks identified. 

The system is completely stand alone. GPRS Alphas (data collectors) are solar powered for long life.  They are sim card enabled to send the data back to the server.

All loggers and leak locations are shown on a Google Maps system for easy identification and location of leaks




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