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CCTV and Pipe Inspection

Using the latest technology Blue Gold can provide internal pipe inspections using high definition CCTV plus Hydrophone for accurate leak detection.

2 pieces of equipment are available for this :

  • The Investigator
    This inspection equipment is suitable for small diameter pipes from 100mm up to 300mm. Combining hd CCTV and hydrophone technology, the equipment can provide both condition monitoring inspections and leak pinpointing at the same time.
    Maximum distance for inspection is 100 metres from insertion point depending on conditions.
  • The LDS 1000
    This is the Trunk Mains inspection equipment and provides a combination of CCTV, Hydrophone and Location Sonde in one compact device. Live insertion provides clients with the benefit of not having to disrupt service. Pipe diameter is typically 300+ Trunk mains pipeline. A 48mm entry point (or bigger) is necessary to launch the equipment into the network.


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