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Leak Detection

Leak detection is the focus of the Blue Gold business and brings together a number of world class technologies and experts to deliver great result in leakage reduction.

  • Experts from the Industry
  • Water Audits
  • Leak Detection Equipment
  • Pressure and Flow Management and data logging
  • Water Metering
  • Trunk Mains Leak detection and CCTV

The Gutermann line of leak detection equipment forms the basis of the leak detection business. The equipment range provides the highest German engineering quality to deliver the best results in the industry. If you are going to find leaks you should be using Gutermann equipment.

Essentially any water utility needs the right strategy, equipment and expert advice in order to obtain exceptional results. With Blue Gold Technology you get all of these. 

Our middle east experience is greater than any other company and we can provide complete solutions for a city wide system. A 10,000 fixed network logger system has been delivered for ADWEA and is in the process of installation and commissioning. Great success has been achieved in only a short period of time with this system.

We have successfully deployed full fixed network leak detection systems with Zonescan Net. This system delivers the highest level of performance available on the market for remote leak pinpointing. The Zonescan 820 correlating noise loggers are the best loggers available in the worldfor correlating leaks via a fixed network system.

If you are looking to reduce water leakage by a significant amount we will be happy to assist in developing your strategy and delivering the equipment that finds leaks.

Full scope includes

  • Aquascan 610 correlators
  • Aquscope 3 Ground Microphones
  • Zonescan 820 Loggers for drive by applications
  • Zonescan Net Fixed network for full remote leak detection

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