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Data Loggers

As part of network management, data logging for pressure, flow and other key parameters are an essential part of the water utility system. Blue Gold Technolgy are the proud partners of Technolog for the Middle East region. UAE (Dubai, Abu Dhabi and all emirates), Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Bahrain.

The Technolog Cello and Metrolog are the main product lines that can cover most data collection and remote data logging requirements. The popular Cello 4c with Pressure and Flow logging capabilities is well proven within the region and provides water utilities with excellent data and software for reporting purposes.

Other features of the product portfolio include :

  • Reservoir height moniting
  • Sewer over flow monitoring
  • Tank depth monitoring
  • Water Well depth monitoring
  • Chlorine level monitoring

The Regulo Pressure control unit can also be utilized within the network to regulate pressure and flow within a water system and thereby save money from excessive leakage.

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